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Kenney calls for pause on April 1st Carbon Tax Increase

Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta, is calling on the Federal Government to pause the planned hike on the Carbon Tax scheduled for Thursday.

Kenney said in a press conference on Monday, "We need the Government of Canada to stop increasing the cost of living by shelving their planned April 1 carbon tax hike, which they intend to more than triple over the years to come.”

Kenney said that his government was planning on introducing a motion in the Legislative Assembly. The motion states, "Be it resolved that the Legislative Assembly call on the Government of Canada to stop its planned April 1, 2022 increase of the carbon tax to $50 per tonne, and its further plan to increase the carbon tax to $170 per tonne, given that Canadian families are struggling with the highest inflation in 30 years."

Along side Kenney Finance Minsiter Travis Toews said that the federal government needs to halt its planned increase and spend less borrow less, and tax less, "We are doing just that, but in order for Albertans to feel the difference, the federal government needs to do the same.

"Halting the carbon tax is critical at a time when inflation is already challenging families across the country," Toews stated.

Last week Deputy Prime Minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland said that the price of carbon was one of the most efficient ways to drive down emissions, " By maintaining a fair price on pollution across the country, we’re ensuring that pollution pricing remains affordable for Canadians no matter where they live.

"In provinces without their own pricing system, we’re returning proceeds directly to Canadians and putting a little more money in their pockets," the Deputy Prime Minister stated.

According to the federal government, the increased Climate Action Incentive payments means a family of four will receive $1,079 in Alberta at the end of the year. Families in rural and small communities are eligible to receive an extra 10 per cent.


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