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Kitchener Councillor Takes Kitchener Centre By-Election for Green Party

Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schriener, Coucnillor Aislinn Clancy (Centre) and Kitchener Centre MP MIke Morrice (Photo Aislinn Clancy Twitter)

In a political upset that will undoubtably be dissected by political observers for days to come Kitchener Councillor Aislinn Clancy, the Ward 10 Councillor for the City has emerged victorious in today's Provincial by-election in the riding of Kitchener Centre, securing a win for the Green Party of Ontario.

This historic triumph not only cements Clancy's position as a rising political force but also marks a significant milestone for the Green Party, giving them two seats at Queens Park.

Aislinn Clancy, a first-term councillor elected in 2022, has been a stalwart advocate for the residents of Ward 10 in the City of Kitchener. Her dedication and community-centric approach resonated with voters, propelling her to victory in the by-election.

Clancy appeared on the Cross Border Interviews in early 2023 to discuss her career and her time at City Hall in Kitchener.

Clancy's ascent to provincial politics was triggered by the resignation of the outgoing Ontario NDP representative, Laura Mae Lindo, in early 2023. Lindo, who left her political post to pursue an academic role at the University of Waterloo, created the vacancy that Clancy successfully filled.

The Green Party of Ontario, led by Mike Schreiner, now boasts a strengthened presence in the provincial legislature with Clancy joining the ranks. This victory signifies not only a personal achievement for Clancy but also a collective success for the Green Party as it continues to expand its influence in Ontario politics.

The by-election saw Clancy face off against her Council colleague, Ward 9 Councillor Debbie Chapman, who sought election under the Ontario NDP banner.

The results showcased Clancy's widespread appeal, with over 75 per cent of the polls reporting in her favor. Clancy managed to amass a substantial lead, securing a margin of over 4,800 votes. This resounding mandate underscores the electorate's confidence in her ability to represent their interests at the provincial level.

The Conservative and Liberal candidates, who finished 3rd and 4th respectively, were unable to match Clancy's momentum, highlighting the Green Party's growing significance in the political landscape.

Clancy's journey from a dedicated Ward 10 Councillor to a provincial representative exemplifies the power of grassroots politics and the ability of individuals to effect meaningful change.

With the win in Kitchener Centre, the Greens now stand at 2 seats in Queens Park, while the Liberals hold 9 seats, the Official Opposition Ontario NDP's hold 28 seats while the governing Progressive Conservatives sit with a comfrotable majority with 79 seats. There are currently 5 independent MPPs.


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