Krieger takes Maverick into new era

Former Interim Leader of the Maverick Party Hon. Jay Hill with Colin Krieger newly crowned winner of the Maverick Leadership

Interim leader of the Maverick Party, the Hon. Jay Hill has passed the baton to Colin Krieger the new, and first permanent, leader of the Maverick Party.

Krieger beat his only rival in the race Tariq Elnaga in a 52-48% vote, which was announced live in person at Big Rock Brewery.

The Valleyview, Alberta resident spoke to the packed room with one clear message build the party before the next federal election, "I talked about it during the Campaign. Now is the time to grow.

"Now is the time that I will commit myself full time to make sure that (The Mavericks) grow." He added. "We need more members than we have ever had before."

The newly elected leader says that plan is to have a members base that can catapult the party into the next election, " My personal goal is to see 500 members in every EDA by this fall."

The Maverick Party is Canada's only western party that has pledged to run candidates in ridings west of Ontario. In the last election the party ran 32 candidates.

"This time next year, lets see if we can put 1000 members in each riding," Krieger stated that if that can happen the Maverick Party will be on the agenda and, "Everyone in Canada will know that we are serious and we are going to win.