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Liberal and NDP deal to see Liberals Govern till 2025

The federal Liberals and the New Democrats have worked out a deal that would keep Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government in power until 2025, in exchange for progress on longstanding NDP priorities, including pharma-care and dental care.

CBC was the first to report on the news that the two parties were in negotiation and were still pending the sign-off from NDP MPs.

A Press Conference by the Prime Minister at 9:00 AM EST (7:00 AM MST) is begin held today where the Prime Minister is expected to release more details on this issue. This comes hours before he is to head to Belgium on his second international trip in less than a month.

Jagmeet Singh the NDP leader is also expected to hold a press conference at 9:00 AM EST (7:00 AM MST).

According to media reports, the deal does not involve the NDP joining the cabinet.

Conservative Leader Candice Bergen issued a statement late Monday saying the deal "is nothing more than a callous attempt by Trudeau to hold on to power."'

"This is an NDP-Liberal attempt at government by blackmail. Nation-building is replaced by vote-buying; secret deal-making over parliamentary debate; and opportunism over accountability," the interim conservative leader stated in a press release.


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