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Martensville Deputy Mayor Makes Jump into Saskatchewan Party Race

Martensville Deputy Mayor Jamie Martens (Photo Supplied)

Deputy Mayor Jamie Martens of Martensville, Saskatchewan made it official this week by announcing that she would be seeking the candidacy for the Saskatchewan Party nomination in the recently formed Martensville-Blairmore constituency.

"Having been encouraged to run for this seat in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly, and in receiving similar advice from constituents over the summer, today I'm announcing my candidacy for the Saskatchewan Party nomination in new riding of Martensville-Blairmore," said Jamie Martens. In addition to her current roles as a Martensville Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Jamie Martens' influence reaches beyond municipal governance. From 2020 to earlier this year, she served three successive terms as a Saskatchewan representative at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). Her contributions at the FCM have been noteworthy, particularly as Vice-Chair of the Canadian Rural Forum and as a delegate to the ongoing Canadian Women in Local Leadership Project.

Martens emphasized the importance of representing the voices of the community, saying, "I believe that constituents - and all the people of our province - are our landlords, or our bosses, and every elected official in Saskatchewan is simply an entrusted tenant or servant.

"For more than a decade, I have had the privilege of serving as an elected municipal official within this riding," Martens added. "I have a track record of speaking directly to officials in both Regina and Ottawa. And as a single mom, I'm laser-focused on and quite frank about the importance of affordability, community safety and employment opportunities - quite simply good careers - for our kids. It's time to get back to basics"

Before venturing into politics, Martens had an illustrious law enforcement career. Starting as an Auxiliary Constable with the RCMP at the age of 18, she went on to serve in the RCMP in Alberta and later joined the Deputy Sheriff's Office in Saskatchewan, where she dedicated 16 years to ensuring public safety.

According to Martens the date for the nomination meeting to select the Saskatchewan party candidate for the 2024 Provincial Election will be announced shortly.


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