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Miller Wins Norglenwold Saturday By-election

Dr. Rod Miller (Photo from Summer Village of Norglenwold Website)

The Summer Village of Norglenwold bore witness to a significant political event on Saturday, and now, with official numbers released on Tuesday, the results are crystal clear. Dr. Rod Miller, the candidate who vowed to bring positive change and renewed communication to the community, secured a resounding victory with 87 votes, firmly establishing himself as the new Councillor-Elect.

In a closely contested race, former Summer Village of Norglenwold Councillor Ed Thiessen garnered 55 votes, while James Wilson came in third with 41 votes. The outcome of the election reflects Dr. Miller's vision of a more engaged and proactive community.

With a population of 306 residents, according to the Province of Alberta, Norglenwold's by-election saw over half of its residents exercise their right to vote, underscoring the significance of the event and the desire for positive change within the community.

Dr. Miller's campaign was marked by a commitment to improving communication with residents and addressing key issues affecting Norglenwold.

In an introduction letter posted on the Summer Village of Norglenwold website, Miller articulated his vision for the community and his commitments to fellow residents emphasizing the need for enhanced communication within the community, highlighting the absence of an Annual Information Meeting for several years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He stressed the importance of these meetings as a platform for the council and residents to exchange ideas and stay informed on critical issues.

The newly elected councillor indicated that the Norglenwold Council is revisiting the issue of municipal lands, an issue that has been under consideration multiple times over the last 15 years. Miller noted that other Summer Villages around Sylvan Lake have faced similar challenges and can provide valuable insights and templates for Norglenwold. He urged that as councillor he would focus on the issues that matter to residents, "Let’s not make things more complicated than they need to be and focus on improvements residents can enjoy"

Miller also pledged to actively seek out the opinions and ideas of Norglenwold's residents. He emphasized his respect for property taxes and promised to be a councillor who is mindful of how tax dollars are utilized. He stressed, "Council’s actions should solve problems not create more issues. Bylaws are to be followed with reasoned consideration in their application."

This story was update with new information when it came available


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