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Nixon Vs. Hoven in Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre

Jason Kenney's second hand man is getting a challenge for the United Conservative Party (UCP) Nomination in Rimbey - Rocky Mountain House - Sundre.

Former Clearwater County Reeve and Councillor for Division Six Tim Hoven is challenging incumbent MLA Jason Nixon for the UCP nomination in the rural riding of Rimbey - Rocky Mountain House - Sundre.

Hoven announced his candidacy at Elks Hall in Leslieville early last week. He got a boost to his nomination when former UCP turned Independent MLA Drew Branes announced his support of the former Clearwater County Councillor in a tweet, "“I am pleased to support ⁦(Tim Hoven) in his nomination and to be with him and many Albertans from Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre who share the values with Cypress-Medicine Hat of smaller government, economic freedom and individual opportunity."

Nixon was first elected to the legislature in 2015 as a Wildrose Party MLA for the riding of Rimbey - Rocky Mountain House - Sundre. He defeated former Wildrose turned Independent MLA Joe Anglin.

Since 2019, Nixon has served as Minister of Environment and Parks as well as Government House Leader.

Rimbey - Rocky Mountain House - Sundre United Conservatives Party members will select their candidate for the 2023 election on Monday March 21st, 2022.


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