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Northern Alberta Candidate first to join Maverick Leadership Race

And they are off!

Colin Krieger, the former Maverick Party candidate for Peace River-Westlock in the 2021 Federal Election is the first candidate to announce his intentions to seek the parties leadership.

Krieger announced on his facebook page that he made the decision after much consideration and consultation, "I will be running for the leadership of the Maverick Party.

"The West wants, deserves, and needs a stronger voice in Ottawa," he added.

Krieger will need to travel across the western countries now signing up members and recruiting support for the

The Valleyview resident said in the post that his grandson was his motivation to joining the race, "We must return hope to his generation."

The entrance fee for the Leadership race is $10,000 paid in two instalments, one $5,000 instalment when paperwork is filed to run, and the second $5,000 instalment will be delivered no later than the cut off date of March 25th, 2022.

The Maverick Party will elect their first permanent leader elected on May 14th. Former MP and Conservative Cabinet minsiter the Hon. Jay Hill has been the interim leader of the Western party since it's founding in early 2020.


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