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Notley brings message to East Calgary

Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley, who is on a swing through Calgary, held a rally at the Jubilee Banquet and Event Centre in the riding of Calgary Klein on Saturday.

Speaking to about 250 party faithful, Notley said in her stump speech said that Alberta needs a government that can handle the challenges that lay ahead for the province, " Through good times and bad we have stood shoulder to shoulder fighting for what matters; good jobs, good schools, strong public health care and more fair and just society.

"New Democrats, we don't leave people behind, We raise people up" the Alberta NDP leader stated. "As your leader since 2014, it has been the privilege of my life to work for you and your family."

Notley was elected Premier of Alberta in 2015 and was defeated by current Premier Jason Kenney in 2019.

Alberta NDP MLA's Kathleen Ganley, Joe Ceci, and Irfan Sabir hosted the Rally Saturday Afternoon.

As Notley was delivering her speech in Calgary, Premier Kenney was in Red Deer holding off challenges to his leadership. Notley poked fun at the premier during her speech, "We are seeing a different approach (that the NDP is putting forward) from Jason Kenney and the Divided Conservative Party, we see a toxic cocktail of infighting and instability and let us be honest incompetence.

"I can't even follow the web of scandals anymore." Notley jokingly added, "But I'm going to give it a go."

In a deep breath, which got a chuckle from the audience, Notley rambled out, "The former Health Minister who yelled at doctors in their driveways is now the Justice Minister because the former Justice Minister tried to fix his own traffic ticket. So now he's the Labor Minister because the Labour Minister had to replace the Health Minister after the Agriculture Minister resigned for harassing his staff, and the former Municipal Affairs Minister flew to Hawaii against public health orders."

The recent election of Brian Jean former Wildrose Leader and Fort McMurray MLA and his fight against Jason Kenney for the Leadership didn't go unnoticed by the NDP leader either, "Now the UCP leadership drama is getting a bit complicated as well. The former Wildrose leader turned UCP MLA thinks the Premier is cheating because the Premier is under RCMP investigation for voting fraud because the Premier and the former Wildrose Party President ran a Kamikaze campaign in 2017 to steal democracy. So the former Wildrose Leader now wants a leadership race where another former Wildrose leader also wants to run except no one trusts her because she crossed the floor to the (Progressive Conservatives).

"Meanwhile, 19 other (Progressive Conservatives) and Wildrose floor crossers signed a letter saying they want to keep the Premier because he's just the best chance they have on holding onto power before an election just so they can have another leadership race again."

Notley added, "Does that sound like it's about you?" She added, "I know one thing, I will be there for you."

Alberta NDP Calgary-East Candidate Rosman Valencia speaking at the Rally in Calgary-Klein

Also during the event, the Alberta NDP held the acclimation meeting for their Calgary-East Candidate Rosman Valencia.

In attendance were all three Alberta NDP Calgary MLA's Kathleen Ganley (Calgary Mountain View) Joe Ceci (Calgary-Buffalo) and Irfan Sabir (Calgary-Bhullar-McCall).


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