Opinion - Time for Vacation is Over, Lets get back to work now!

It has been over a month since the last election, and Canadians will finally learn who their newest federal cabinet ministers are.. in just under two weeks.

Earlier this morning (October 15th) PMO officials announced that the cabinet swearing in will take place on Tuesday October 26th at Rideau Hall.

Also announced was that Parliament will resume almost a month later, November 22nd. This will start with the election of the Speaker of the House of Commons and a Speech from the Throne.

The Speech from the Throne will be historic, as it will be delivered by the first indigenous Governor General of Canada, the Rt. Hon. Mary Simon. Simon was sworn into office in late July.

For a Prime Minister who wanted to toss Canadians into an election and wanted to give them a voice on the direction of the government, he sure is taking his sweet time to getting back to work.

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