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OPINION: Wake Me Up When September Begins!

As the summer sun warms up the Great White North, Cross Border Interviews is embarking on an exciting journey across Canada, crisscrossing the country to meet with extraordinary municipal leaders who have graced our show.

From coast to coast, we're hitting the road to dive deep into the stories and initiatives that shape our communities. But fear not, while our regular programming takes a break, there's still plenty of engaging content to keep you informed and entertained.

From July 1st to September 9th, Cross Border Interviews will be on hiatus, but that doesn't mean the conversation stops. We're taking our show on the road, recording interviews live on location in various communities across Canada. This unique opportunity allows us to capture the essence of local governance and showcase the diverse voices driving change and innovation in municipalities nationwide.

During this hiatus, our sister shows, The Political Trenches: Local Government At Work and Municipal Affairs, will continue to provide insightful commentary and analysis. The Political Trenches will keep you up to date on the latest political developments. At the same time, Municipal Affairs delves into all things municipal, offering a comprehensive look at the issues that matter most to communities across the country.

So, what can you expect during our summer hiatus? Get ready to embark on a virtual journey as we explore the rich tapestry of Canadian municipal leadership. From bustling metropolises to quaint towns, we'll be shining a spotlight on the individuals and initiatives that are making a difference in their communities. Whether it's innovative urban planning, sustainable development projects, or grassroots activism, we'll be there to uncover the stories behind the headlines.

And for those who want to catch up on past episodes, now's the perfect time! Dive into our archives and rediscover your favorite interviews with mayors, councillors, and reeves. From insightful discussions on infrastructure and economic development to heartfelt reflections on the challenges and triumphs of local governance, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

While Cross Border Interviews takes a summer hiatus, the conversation continues. Join us as we journey across Canada, meeting with inspiring leaders and exploring the issues that shape our communities. And don't forget to tune in to The Political Trenches and Municipal Affairs for your fill of political insights and municipal updates.

Stay connected, stay informed, and until September 9th, just keep talking!


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