OPINION: Wake up "Progressives" you are winning twitter, not real life

Glenn Murray (Winnipeg), Catherine McKenney (Ottawa) and Kennedy Stewart (Vancouver) all were defeated in their respective election this month

Mayor Stewart, Mayor McKenney, and Mayor Murray.

What the people of Twitter would have wanted you to believe 24 hours prior to polls closing in Vancouver, Ottawa, and Winnipeg earlier this month.

The so-called progressives in Canada are losing municipally. City, after City is rejecting the campaigning of the progressive way and moving to a more central-right campaign.

It is not like this isn't a surprise.

In the age of eco-chambers and social media feeds, we have become a society that only wants to see what we agree with. But some people are hopefully starting to realize - and I've been screaming this into the void for some time - "SOCIAL MEDIA ISN'T REAL LIFE.

Some campaign workers, and staff, believe that you win elections with a good social media game. I'm sorry to burst all your bubbles, but good ol' honest hard work and door-knocking will always wins the day.

I have never respected a candidate, who has run for political office who put all their eggs in one basket. If you believe the path to elected office is through Twitter, Facebook, or even the abomination of tik tok, then you are sorely mistaken.

After this month's strings of losses by more progressive candidates in major cities, progressive campaign strategists need to take a hard look at their battle plan heading into the next federal and provincial general elections.

I'm not dunking only on so-called 'progressives' on this issue. We also have a federal opposition party that believes that memes a