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Pearce at the Helm; FCM elects new board in Toronto

Mayor Scott Pearce of the Town of Gore, Quebec, has been chosen as the new President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), leading a diverse group of municipal leaders from across the country. The election took place during the last day of the FCM's annual conference held in Toronto.

Mayor Pearce, known for his commitment to sustainable development and community engagement, brings a wealth of experience to his new role as FCM President. His leadership in the Town of Gore has garnered attention for innovative projects aimed at addressing climate change and fostering economic growth.

The Cross Border Interviews sat down with Mayor Pearce earlier this year to talk about his role as Mayor, that interview can be found here.

Deputy Mayor Geoff Stewart of the Municipality of the County of Colchester, Nova Scotia, has been appointed as the First Vice President of the FCM.

Councillor Rebecca Bligh of the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, has been elected as the Second Vice President.

The role of Third Vice President has been assigned to Councillor Tim Tierney of the City of Ottawa, Ontario.

Councillor Taneen Rudyk of the Town of Vegreville, Alberta, took a leave of absence as President of FCM, to run in the Alberta Provincial Election in March, will serve as the Past President.

The new board members have been elected for a one-year term, set to expire at the next FCM conference scheduled to be held in Calgary, Alberta, in 2024.


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