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Penrod and Netelenbos Elected New Beaumount City Councillors

Philip Penrod (Left) and Nathan Netelenbos (Right) came out on top in the Beaumont City Election (Photo Facebook)

In a hard-fought election that captivated the attention of Beaumount residents over the past two months, Philip Penrod and Nathan Netelenbos emerged victorious as the newest elected councillors for the City of Beaumount.

The two successful candidates, Penrod and Neetelenbos, have triumphed over eight other contenders to secure their positions, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to the local government.

Their successful bid for the council positions comes in the wake of the resignations of former Councillor Ashley Miller and former Councillor Rene Tessier, creating an opening for Penrod and Neetelenbos to step into prominent roles within the city council.

Beaumont City Council By-Election

Councillor (2 to be elected)

Penrod, Philip

817 Votes


​Netelenbos, Nathan

592 Votes


​Gill, Kashmir

529 Votes

Kornel, Jeremy

476 Votes

Heide, Paul

451 Votes

Kohlsmith, Anthony

302 Votes

Fernandes, Jordan

223 Votes

Stout, Martin

215 Votes

Kingsbury, Ashley

124 Votes

Sharma, Yash

122 Votes

Unofficial election results show that Philip Penrod received an impressive 817 votes, marking a significant show of support from the Beaumount community. His counterpart, Nathan Neetelenbos, also garnered a commendable 592 votes, solidifying his position as the second newly elected councillor for the City of Beaumount.

The race was competitive, with the remaining candidates not far behind Kashmir Gill received 529 votes. Jeremy Kornel accumulated 476 votes while Paul Heide got 451 votes.

Other candidates, including , Anthony Kohlsmith, Jordan Fernandes, Martin Stout, Ashley Kingsbury, and Yash Sharma rounded out the 10 candidates.

Penrod and Netelenbos are expected to be swor in at the first meeting of Council in November.