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Planes, Trains, and Travel: Canadian Government pauses travel mandates

Since October of last year, those over the age of 12 who had not received the vaccination from COVID were barred from boarding a plane or train, that all changed Tuesday Morning when federal Minister of Transportation Omar Alghabra announced the federal government was dropping the mandates.

In a Tweet to his social media account, Minister Alghabra stated, "We are following the latest science and are suspending the current domestic vaccine mandates for air and rail passengers."

The announcement on Tuesday by the government outlined the suspension of its mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for air and rail travellers with infections rapidly declining across Canada. It will take effect on June 20.

At a press conference in Ottawa, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Dominic Leblanc said that while this news is good, Canada must be prepared for any possible changes, " The best thing that can be done is being properly vaccinated.

"If you haven't gotten your vaccination, or boosters yet, I encourage you," Leblanc added.

Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos stated that the new measures are due to Canada being in a better place when it comes to public health, "Our government's response has always been about following science, research, prudence and expert public health advice.

"Following a successful vaccination campaign - 32 million eligible Canadians have now received a primary series of vaccination against COVID," the health minister stated.

The federal government introduces the vaccine mandate in place last fall. This announcement comes on the heels of Prime Minister Trudeau recent return from California where he announced he had tested positive for COVID-19.


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