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Poilievre announces Conservative Leadership Team: 2 Alberta MP's Join

MP Chris Warkentin, and Tim Uppal will serve on Pierre Poilievre Leadership Team in the House of Commons (Photo MP's Facebook Page)

Fresh off his win on Saturday, His Majesty's Leader of the Official Opposition Pierre Poilievre announced his front bench lineup, which includes 2 Alberta Members of Parliaments.

Chris Warkentin (Grande Prairie-Mackenzie) and Tim Uppal (Edmonton Mill Woods) were the two lone Alberta MP's given a slot in Poilievre's self-described, "inflation-busting leadership team."

Warkentin will serve as Deputy Whip, and Question Period Coordinator, while Uppal will be serving as Poilievre's Deputy Leader - alongside Thornhill MP Melissa Lantsman.

The 10-person leadership team, according to the tweet on Tuesday, said will be have one job, "stop Trudeau's tax hikes and end #JustinFlation so workers and seniors can thrive."

Along with Upall and Warkentin, former Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will serve as House Leader, Quebec MP Pierre Paul-Hus will serve as Poilievre's Quebec Lieutenant. Former Deputy Leader under Candice Bergen Luc Berthold will serve as Deputy House Leader.

Eric Duncan will serve as Caucus-Party Liaison. BC MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay will serve as Party Whip, and New Brunswick MP Jake Stewart will serve as Caucus Committee Coordinator.

The announcement comes days before the return of Parliament. Poilievre is expected to announce shadow cabinet roles later this week.


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