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Poilievre comes home to Calgary

Speaking to a packed house at the Spruce Meadows Race track, Calgary born Pierre Poilievre brought his leadership campaign home.

Poilievre opened his speech quoting Alberta Country music star Paul Brandt, " This piece of heaven that I've found, Rocky Mountains and black fertile ground, Everything I need beneath that big blue sky."

The lyrics received loud applause from the - estimated - 5,000 attendees.

Poilievre who has been picking up endorsements was introduced by Calgary Forest Lawn MP Jasraj Singh Hallan, and Foothills MP John Barlow.

The Ontario MP said in his speech that he wants to bring back freedom to this country and make it one of the freest nations in the world, "Back then the great Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier was asked what the nationality of Canada was, and of course, it was a complicated question.

"You couldn't define Canada on its nationality, but he did say 'Canada is Free, and Freedom is its nationality.'"

This isn't the first time that the Conservative MP has brought up former Liberal Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier, on a stop through Saskatoon last month, he released a video about Wilfrid Laurier meeting a young John Diefenbaker.

During a Question and Answer session, Poilievre took a question about the role of Alberta in confederation, "I will tell you that a Poilievre government will end the era of telling Alberta to shut up and pay up forever."

The Carleton MP will now take his campaign to Alberta's Capital, Edmonton. He held an event in Medicine Hat the night before. His campaign has been on a western swing recently in British Columbia.


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