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Province launches Survey on Municipal Elections

Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver announced the survey at the RMA Convention in Edmonton

The province is looking at the Municipal Elections with a comprehensive review with input from residents in the form of a online survey.

Minister of Municipal Affairs for Alberta, Ric McIver, emphasized the regular review of local election laws as a crucial step in ensuring transparency and accountability in local elections, "We review local election laws regularly to make sure the rules continue to strengthen transparency and accountability in our local elections and elected officials".

Encouraging active participation, McIver urged all eligible Albertans to contribute their perspectives to reinforce local democracy in the province.

Recognizing the pivotal role of municipal councils in shaping the lives of Albertans, the provincial government's initiative to gather public and stakeholder input serves to reinforce transparency and accountability in local elections. The survey on the Local Authorities Election Act probes into various fundamental aspects of local elections, seeking insights on matters like advance voting mechanisms, voter eligibility criteria, and the potential engagement of political parties at the community level.

Simultaneously, the survey on the Municipal Government Act seeks to gather views on critical issues related to the responsibility and openness of locally elected officials. Among the key points under scrutiny are the development of disqualification regulations, handling of financial conflicts of interest, public disclosure, the role of political parties at the municipal level, and the necessity for mandatory training for councillors.

The government has extended invitations for contributions not only from the public but also from municipal administrations, municipal associations, and locally elected officials. This inclusive approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the diverse perspectives and concerns related to local governance and elections.

The announcement of the survey occurred during the annual gathering of the Rural Municipal Leaders of Alberta at the Rural Municipalities of Alberta Fall Convention in Edmonton. This important event provided a fitting platform to underscore the government's commitment to fostering an inclusive and accountable democratic system at the local level.

With the survey now open for public input, Albertans have a valuable opportunity to actively shape the future of their local democracy. As the province moves forward with this consultative process, the active participation of all stakeholders becomes crucial in building a more resilient and transparent democratic framework that reflects the diverse voices and aspirations of the people of Alberta.

Albertans can take the survey by visiting the link here:


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