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Purple Wave in Ontario: Hillier helms PPC Provincial Wing

Maverick Independent MPP Randy Hillier will helm the Ontario First Party, a provincial wing of the Federal Peoples Party of Canada in the next Ontario Election.

Hillier announced the formation of a new party earlier this fall, but made it official in late November saying that the Ontario First Party was about those wishing to advance freedom, "The Ontario First Party welcomes all those who wish to advance freedom, that honour families, respect faith, and act with integrity and honesty to join our cause and support our movement."

Hillier who was first elected as an Member of Provincial Parliament in 2007, said in a written statement published on the Ontario First Party, stated that he has remained true to his beliefs in his 14 years at Queens Park," I have stood firm on my principles and beliefs, gaining the endorsement of the electors in my constituency through four elections.

"For remaining true to my sincerely held beliefs, every political party, media publisher and pundit has attempted to discredit my actions and obscure my motives," Hillier stated. "Despite this adversity, I have had the distinct honour of receiving support across this province from a groundswell of disaffected citizens who see through the lies and wish to have their voices heard."

Hillier who was an vocal supporter of Maxime Bernier's Peoples Party of Canada during the 44th Federal election made stops with the PPC leader across Ontario including in Alberta on the last days of the campaign.

Bernier was scheduled to make an appearance with Hillier in December but the event was cancelled at the last minute.

Hillier, and the Ontario First Party joins a crowded field of parties vying for votes in upcoming June Ontario election. Those parties include, The Progressive Conservative Party led by Premier Doug Ford, the Ontario NDP led by Andrea Horwath, the Ontario Liberals led by Steven Del Duca, the Ontario Greens led by Mike Schreiner, the New Blue Party led by Jim Karahalios (whose wife currently sits and an MPP), and the Ontario Party which is led by former MP Derek Sloan.


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