Roman Baber Talks Unity, Western Canada, and Vision for Conservatives

Ontario Independent Member of Provincial Parliament Roman Baber took his tour for Conservative Party Leadership through Saskatchewan and Alberta this past weekend.

With stops in Calgary, Medicine Hat, Regina and Saskatoon, Baber pitched voters and conservative party supporters his message of unity, western canada, and a new vision for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Baber, who was born in the former Soviet Union, said that he is running for the leadership to ensure the freedoms that he came to Canada for in the late 1980's will be there for generations to come, " Someone asked me during this trip, If I saw similarities between the former Soviet Union and Canada of today.

"I do see some similarities, In the former Soviet Union you would not be able to board a plane and fly between the different republics without presenting paperwork or leaving outside communist walls. That's why I'm sad that 3 and a half million Canadians cannot freely travel or enter and exit