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Roman Baber Talks Unity, Western Canada, and Vision for Conservatives

Ontario Independent Member of Provincial Parliament Roman Baber took his tour for Conservative Party Leadership through Saskatchewan and Alberta this past weekend.

With stops in Calgary, Medicine Hat, Regina and Saskatoon, Baber pitched voters and conservative party supporters his message of unity, western canada, and a new vision for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Baber, who was born in the former Soviet Union, said that he is running for the leadership to ensure the freedoms that he came to Canada for in the late 1980's will be there for generations to come, " Someone asked me during this trip, If I saw similarities between the former Soviet Union and Canada of today.

"I do see some similarities, In the former Soviet Union you would not be able to board a plane and fly between the different republics without presenting paperwork or leaving outside communist walls. That's why I'm sad that 3 and a half million Canadians cannot freely travel or enter and exit Canada," Baber said.

He went on to say, it shouldn't just upset 3 and a half million Canadians, "It should upset 35 million Canadians."

Throughout the night Baber took questions from the audience, some of the questions were on abortion, the proposed digital ID, drug trafficking in Vancouver and at the Ports, COVID Spending, and western alienation and independence.

During his speech, Baber said the current Conservative Party has lost its way and needs to find its way back to being a different party than the Federal Liberals, " (The Conservatives) have succumb to the same political pressures, and same cancelled culture that unfortunatley many Canadians have succumb to.

"(As Leader) I'm going to ensure when I lead the Conservative Party of Canada, We are going to say what we believe and we are going to do what we believe is right - even when it's unpopular," Baber stated. "I'm sure that we might disagree on something, even by the end of the night. And you know what thats OK, thats democracy. But the very least you will always know where I stand."

Baber is one of six officially verified candidates who submitted their $300,000 registration fee and 500 signatures. Other candidates include, MP's Pierre Poilievre, Leslyn Lewis and Scott Aitchison, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown and Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest.

Candidates Joel Etienne, Grant Abraham, and Joseph Bourgault have submitted their paperwork and deposit but the party has not made an announcement on the status of their candidacy.

Former MP Leona Alleslev, and British Columbia MP Marc Dalton withdrew Friday after failing to secure enough donations.


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