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Saint John Councillor to run for the NB Liberals in Saint John Habour

Councillor David Hickey with Liberal Leader Susan Holt (Photo From Councillor David Hickey Social Media)

While the next provincial election isn't expected to be called for over a year, the will he or won't he of Premier Blaine Higgs calling a snap election has political parties preparing a full slate of candidates for the coming provincial election.

On Wednesday Night, Saint John Councillor David Hickley has successfully secured the nomination for the New Brunswick Liberal Party in the riding of Saint John Harbour.

Hickley was first elected to Saint John Council in 2019 during a by-election and made his intentions to run for the Liberal Party in late September.

When announcing his intentions to seek the Liberal Nomination, Hickley stated, "Over the past 4 years and 2 terms, I've been proud to represent this community on Council. The work we've been able to accomplish has helped shape the direction of our City, but lately our hurdles seem to end at the province."

He emphasized the need for a stronger provincial partnership that recognizes investments in infrastructure to support community growth, such as housing and schools, and to address tax system inequities. He also emphasized the importance of building predictable leadership that residents can trust.

Leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick, Susan Holt, congratulated Hickley via social media, stating, "Congratulations and welcome to the team David Hickey."

The Saint John Harbour riding is currently represented by Arlene Dunn of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick, who also serves as Minister of Post-Secondary, Education, Training, and Labour.

Hickley's nomination sets the stage for an interesting political contest in the upcoming election as he strives to bring his vision and commitment to the people of Saint John Harbour. Residents will undoubtedly be eager to see how he plans to address their concerns and bring about positive change for the community.

Another Saint John Councillor Looks Green

Saint John Councillor Joanna Killen (Photo Joanna Killen Facebook)

Saint John Councillor Joanna Killen, who serves alongside Hickley on the Common Council, declared her intention to run for the nomination for the Green Party of New Brunswick in the riding of Saint John West/Lancaster earlier this month.

In a social media post, Killen expressed her enthusiasm to once again support the Green Party's vision and principles. She declared, "I am back & declaring my intention to run for Saint John West / Lancaster for the Green Party of New Brunswick."

Killen ran under the Green Party Banner in 2020 election in the riding of Saint John Lancaster. Killen placed third with 14.3% of the overall total. PC Candidate and Incumbent Dorthy Shephard was the successful candidate in the riding.

The Ward 1 Saint John Councillor made it clear that her candidacy is driven by her passion for advocating for the working class in Saint John. She stated, "I'm running for the Greens because we need someone to stand up for working-class Saint Johners and not just our billionaires."


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