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Sask. Liberal Leader to Run in Saskatoon Meewasin By-Election

The yet to be called Saskatoon Meewasin By-election will have a representative from the Sask. Liberals in it.

On Tuesday Morning Jeff Walters, the Saskatchewan Liberal Leader announced that he would be stepping up the plate to fly the Liberal flag in the upcoming by-election, which is needed to replace former Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili.

Walters says that his roots are in Meewasin, and that the path back to government for the Saskatchewan Liberals starts in the Saskatoon Riding, " In Meewasin this is where is starts."

In his press conference, Walters said that the Saskatchewan Liberals can work on issues that are of concern for Saskatchewan residents. "We can fix our healthcare system, we can transform our economy, we can make government accountable again.

"We can do many things if we stick together for a common cause," the Sask. Liberal Leader stated.

Walters added that he has been hearing from the people of Saskatoon Meewasin, "There is fear that the government no longer listens to (people)."

A by-election must be held within six months, of July 1st 2022, or by January 1, 2023.

The governing Saskatchewan Party has nominated Kim Groff a Businessman who ran for the party in neighbouring Saskatoon Centre in the last provincial election, but lost. While Nathaniel Teed will carry the banner for the Saskatchewan NDP.


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