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Sask Liberals Update Look heading into future

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party unveiled their new logo Tuesday morning, describing it as, "a rebirth".

In a press release Tuesday Morning, Jeff Walters the leader of the Sask Liberals says that the troubles of the past are behind them and they are looking towards the future and a new way forward for not only the party but the province as well.

Former Saskatchewan Liberal Logo

"It’s been a rough road for the Sask Liberals these past several years. Multiple leaders, a dwindling base, and a lack of candidates have put the party at the lowest point in its history of existence. This has left many prairie Liberals despondent and without representation or a place to call a political home.

"But the “lean years” are now over. We are rising again and taking our rightful place in the mainstream discourse of Saskatchewan," Walters wrote in the news release.

The Liberal leader said that the rebranding is about fresh ideas and a fresh perspective, "Folks in Saskatchewan deserve better than what they have been getting. They deserve more options to cast a meaningful vote and a real choice at the ballot box. Saskatchewan Liberals will be that choice."

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party has been out of the legislature since 2003 when then leader David Karwacki lost their remaining 4 seats in the 2003 election.

Walters is the eighth leader of the Sask. Liberals since 2007.


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