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Saskatchewan Premier tests positive for COVID

Early this morning, Scott Moe the Premier of Saskatchewan announced via social media that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Moe who had the day earlier held a press conference in Regina, said via his social media statement, "I’m feeling fine, but will be self-isolating and working from home for the next five days."

Moe appeared in person at Wednesday’s live COVID-19 update in Regina for more than an hour.

During that press conference, Moe said that residents of the prairie province who are experiencing 'mild' COVID-19 symptoms should forego PCR tests to preserve the provinces strained testing capacity.

The premier also said that new measures will not be the answer to the recent surge in new hospitalizations and cases.

“Measures don’t seem to be having any impact on the case numbers in [other] jurisdictions,” the premier stated. “We don’t see that being effective in other places and we do see what we’re doing being quite effective.”

Reporters and those in attendance at yesterdays press conference have need notified about the positive case and have been asked to self-monitor.


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