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Signature EP 4: American Novelist H.C. Helfand

American Novelist H.C. Helfand has been a lawyer for more than 30 years and a writer longer than she can remember. She has published essays and an acclaimed book for children, "And There Was Evening And There Was Morning." "Fee Simple Conditional" is her first novel, and the beginning volume of The Arcadia Chronicles, which tells the story of an attachment to land that transcends time. Influenced by her work and studies in the U.S. and Canada, her books weave details of place and the twists and turns of law that intertwine with human frailties and aspirations. Like her characters, she loves the land and longs for Arcadia, the place of dreams.

Fee Simple Conditional:

What lasts in this world? For Abigail Fischer, nothing lasts. Everyone and everything has left her. No family, no lover, no home. Until she found the magic key that lit the spark to make her whole. In the most unlikely place, just when she least expected. A dreary land record, that kept a secret for generations. An obscure phrase in a stolen document leads her to a destination she vows she will save, no matter the cost. It is something that can never be taken away, a paradise that will last forever. So far, everything she has relied on has fallen away or deserted her. Finally, she finds something that can endure. But she can't do it alone. Can she find the missing heir to fulfill the dream of a dying man? What must she sacrifice to keep that dream alive? How can she make it last?

Clear and Convincing Evidence:

Abigail Fischer never thought she would be a lawyer. When her new job takes her to the depths of a crumbling psychiatric hospital, Abby faces perils she never imagined. Her response to a heart-wrenching challenge could place those she loves in danger or enhance their lives. Making that choice will alter everything forever. Before she leaps, Abby must convince herself that her actions are right--and just. Only then will the path be clear.

In the first book of The Arcadia Chronicles, Fee Simple Conditional, Abigail Fischer learned what lasts in the world and risked her head and her heart to save a pristine paradise. In Clear and Convincing Evidence, Abby must decide how much risk she is willing to undertake when other lives will be affected. Her new profession stretches the reach of her courage and compassion as the love of her growing family both strains and boosts her confidence. No longer defenseless, Abby finds strength in her quest to see justice done.


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