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Singh joins Conservative Leadership Race

Bobby Singh has entered the race to replace Erin O'Toole as the next Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Singh announced his candidacy and his website Friday Morning saying, "The Conservative Party of Canada is ready for a refresh so that it is better equipped to be the voice of all Canadians.

"Our Party needs to adapt to changes locally, regionally, and globally. We must maximize the socio-economic benefit for all Canadians irrespective of political leanings and geographical residency within the country," he added.

Singh entered the race briefly in 2020 to replace outgoing leader Andrew Scheer but dropped out later in the race. He ran for the Conservatives in 2019 in the Toronto riding of Scarborough-Rouge Park.

Singh says that he's not a career politician or a rockstar but a business leader, "I have the global networks to leverage the innovation and creativity to solve problems and create value.

With his entrance into the race, he becomes the 7th candidate to officially announce his intentions to run. Singh will be running against, Ontario MPs Pierre Poilievre, and Leslyn Lewis, Ontario Independent MPP Roman Baber, Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest, Saskatchewan Business Owner Joseph Bourgault, and Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown.

Ontario MP Scott Aitchison is expected to announce his campaign on Sunday.


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