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SPECIAL: AMM Sets Priorities for Manitoba Provincial Election

Welcome to a special episode of the Cross Border Interviews.

The AMM recently unveiled its pre-election campaign under the inspiring slogan "Let's Grow Manitoba Together." This visionary campaign seeks to identify key policy priorities that will shape the future of the province. It's also an opportunity for municipalities to unite, to foster growth, and to build a prosperous future for all Manitobans.

So, what are the focal points of this crucial campaign? Let's dive into the municipal priorities for 2023, as outlined by the AMM. First and foremost, they advocate for fair and predictable municipal funding. By establishing a simplified, predictable funding model with an annual escalator, working hand in hand with municipalities, the AMM aims to provide financial stability and empower local governments to better serve their communities. They also propose the rebate of the PST paid by municipalities, mirroring the federal GST rebate, and call for streamlined tax tools and greater financial autonomy for municipal governments.

Infrastructure development takes center stage in the AMM's vision for Manitoba. They emphasize the need to invest in core infrastructure, particularly in water and wastewater systems, urging Manitoba Water Services Board funding to increase. Additionally, they call for a commitment to a permanent federal and provincial infrastructure fund.

Investing in people is another key pillar of the AMM's campaign. They propose accelerating a comprehensive provincial strategy to recruit healthcare professionals and paramedics throughout Manitoba, addressing the critical need for medical personnel in all regions.

Furthermore, the AMM supports implementing recommendations from the Immigration Advisory Committee to increase regional settlement incentives for foreign-trained doctors and other professionals. They advocate for training opportunities for licensed professionals closer to home, fostering a skilled workforce within our communities. The AMM also champions the importance of care closer to home, emphasizing the need to retain paramedics, doctors, and other health professionals in all regions.

Addressing public safety concerns is paramount to the AMM's campaign. They call on the federal government for bail and conditional release reform, aiming to ensure the safety of our communities. The AMM strongly opposes any downloading of policing reform costs and seeks predictable police resourcing. Moreover, they advocate for flexibility in reallocating certain enforcement and social service functions from police to separate provincially-funded authorities. Recognizing the challenges posed by crime and drug trafficking, the AMM urges an increase in police funding.

It is clear that the Association of Manitoba Municipalities is driven by a deep commitment to the needs and concerns of its members. Their advocacy and initiatives aim to achieve a strong and effective municipal government, ensuring a bright and prosperous future for Manitoba.

Today, a remarkable guest is joining us, someone who champions the needs and aspirations of Manitoba's 137 municipalities – the President of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM), Kam Bright.


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