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SPECIAL: Did Municipalities Get Answers in Election 2023?

Welcome to a special episode of the Cross Border Interviews.

We will be bringing you an in-depth analysis of the 2023 Alberta Provincial Campaign.

As the dust settles and the voters head to the polls on Monday, it's time to take a closer look at the platforms presented by the major political parties and examine the issues raised by both the Alberta Municipalities' and Rural Municipalities of Alberta during this intense election campaign.

And joining us for this crucial discussion is a familiar face, Jennifer Burgess in her new role as a political pundit for Cross Border Interviews.

Now It has been a remarkable journey, with each party striving to present their vision for Alberta's future. But throughout the campaign, there were significant concerns voiced by the Alberta Municipalities and Rural Municipalities of Alberta.

Have these issues captured the attention of citizens across the province, demanding thoughtful consideration and discussion? Have they fallen on deaf ears when it comes to the major political parties?

The concerns raised by the municipalities are essential in shaping the policies that will impact the lives of Albertans.

From economic growth to infrastructure development, from healthcare accessibility to community safety these are just a few of the pressing matters that need municipalities face.

We aim to bring you a comprehensive review of the major political parties platforms, dissecting their promises and examining how well they align with the interests and needs of Alberta's municipalities and rural communities.

We'll explore the key topics that have dominated this election campaign.


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