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SPECIAL: Jeepers! What Is Going On In New Brunswick?

Welcome to a special episode of Cross Border Interviews, where we dive deep into the province of New Brunswick.

Today, we have an engaging lineup of discussions that will shed light on two critical topics shaping the political landscape: Policy 713 and Bill 45.

Our first topic of the day revolves around Policy 713, a matter that has sparked heated conversations and differing opinions among educators, parents, and advocates. There have been claims suggesting that this policy restricts teachers from using a child's chosen name or pronoun informally. However, it's important to note that the Department of Education spokesperson clarified late Thursday that teachers and staff are only prohibited from using a child's chosen name without parental consent in an official capacity.

We will also delve into the details of Bill 45, better known as the Local Governance Commission Act. This bill aims to establish a new body responsible for overseeing conflict of interest and code of conduct complaints, as well as facilitating funding agreements for regional facilities among municipalities. However, a number of municipal groups in New Brunswick have raised concerns about a specific provision in the bill that grants the minister of local government the power to amend or repeal municipal bylaws. We'll be exploring the potential implications of this bill and its impact on local governance in the province.

Moreover, we will take a broader look at the issues facing municipalities in New Brunswick, touching upon the urban-rural divide that may exist within the province. Our esteemed guests, Saint John Councillors Brent Harris and Joanna Killen, will provide their valuable perspectives on these matters and shed light on the challenges and opportunities faced by municipalities in New Brunswick.

Stay tuned for an insightful and thought-provoking episode as we navigate the intricate world of politics in New Brunswick. Let's explore, analyze, and understand the complexities together.


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