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SPECIAL: Rural Municipalities React to Alberta Provincial Cabinet

Welcome to a special episode of Cross Border Interviews, where we delve into the world of politics and governance, bringing you the latest insights of the 2023 Alberta Cabinet Swearing-In Ceremony.

The provincial cabinet has been shrunk by two positions to 25 members, showcasing what the premier says as a blend of seasoned veterans and fresh faces who reflect the diverse fabric of the province.

Joining us for a one-on-one interview is Kara Westerlund, the Vice President of the Rural Municipalities of Alberta.

The cabinet shuffle has brought about significant changes, one of which is the transition of Rebecca Schulz from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to her new role as Minister of Environment.

And returning to the position of Minister of Municipal Affairs is Ric McIver, who previously held this important role under Jason Kenney's government. His experience and understanding of municipal affairs make him a familiar face in this realm

With Vice President Westerlund, we will delve into their perspectives on this newly formed cabinet. We will explore their expectations, hopes, and concerns as they look to collaborate with the provincial government on matters of municipal governance. Their unique insights will shed light on the dynamics between municipalities and the Alberta Cabinet.


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