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SPECIAL: Saskatchewan Municipal Leaders Look Provincially

Welcome to a special episode of the Cross Border Interviews.

Today we will be jumping feet first into the exciting world of provincial politics in the beautiful province of Saskatchewan.

With an election on the horizon, the political landscape is heating up as candidates from various parties begin jockey for nominations and positioning themselves to represent their constituents at the provincial level.

But what makes this election cycle particularly intriguing is - for me at least - are the municipal leaders who are looking to level up and transition from local governance to provincial politics.

Today, we have the privilege of sitting down with two remarkable individuals who are taking the leap, each vying for a nomination in their respective parties.

Joining us first is Jamie Martens, the current Deputy Mayor for the vibrant City of Martensville, nestled just north of Saskatoon. Jamie has recently announced her intention to seek the nomination for the governing Saskatchewan Party in the riding of Martensville-Blairmore.

Known for her dedication to public service, Jamie aims to take her experience to the next level by representing her community at the provincial level.

And later, we'll have the pleasure of speaking with Jordan McPhail, a passionate Town Councillor hailing from the scenic Town of La Ronge, located in the northeastern part of the province of Saskatchewan. Jordan is seeking the nomination for the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party (NDP) in the Cumberland riding. With a firm belief in progressive policies, Jordan is determined to bring change and opportunity to his constituents.

During this episode we dive into the motivations behind these courageous decisions and explore what drives these municipal leaders to leave their local government positions behind in pursuit of provincial politics. We'll discover their visions for a brighter future, the challenges they anticipate, and the goals they aim to achieve.


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