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Stefanson shuffles cabinet ahead of Spring Sitting

Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson has shuffled her cabinet heading into the spring sitting of the Legislature.

Stefanson has been at the head of the Progressive Conservatives for a few months and has kept the previous cabinet relatively in tack before announcing the first shake up of her premiership Tuesday morning.

One of the big changes was Education minister Cliff Culler has been shuffled to Minister of Economic Development, Investment and Trade, while also being named Deputy Premier.

Audrey Gordon stays on as health minister, but will lose some of her work load as Sarah Guillemard becomes minister of mental health, wellness and recovery. Guillemard was formerly Minister of Environment. Jeff Wharton takes over at Environment.

The Premier also announced the formation of a new cabinet position, Scott Johnston will lead the newly formed Ministry of Seniors and Long-term Care.

Stefanson said that she reframed cabinet and portfolios to address the ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19, plan for economic growth and recovery, and better focus on the priorities of all Manitoban, “We are committed to strengthening and realigning our health-care system to manage COVID-19 and to ensure Manitobans can access the care they need now and well into the future. We also recognize the need to enhance care for seniors and those experiencing mental health and additions challenges, and as such, I am proud that our government will have three dedicated and compassionate people providing health leadership where it is most needed."

Other changes to the Manitoba Cabinet are:

  • Kelvin Goertzen as minister of justice and attorney general, and minister responsible for Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) and government house leader;

  • Cameron Friesen as minister of finance and minister responsible for Manitoba Hydro;

  • Scott Fielding as minister of natural resources and northern development, and minister responsible for the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation (MBLL);

  • Reg Helwer as minister of labour, consumer protection and government services, minister responsible for the Public Utilities Board (PUB) and minister responsible for the civil service;

  • Wayne Ewasko as minister of education and early childhood learning;

  • Derek Johnson as minister of agriculture; and

  • Jon Reyes as minister of advanced education, skills and immigration.

Rochelle Squires will continue as minister responsible for the status of women and minister responsible for accessibility while continuing as minister of families and minister responsible for francophone affairs.

Alan Lagmodiere will remain as minister of Indigenous reconciliation and northern relations.

Two faces were dropped from cabinet this shuffle, Ralph Eichler and Cathy Cox


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