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Sweden appoints, and then turfs first female Prime Minsiter.

Magdalena Andersson, PM of Sweden (Photo From Facebook)

Sweden's first female prime Minsiter resigns 12 hours after being sworn into office.

Magdalena Andersson, was elected to lead a coalition government between her party the Social Democratic Party, and Green Party.

Hours after Andersson being sworn in, the swedish parliament voted for a budget that was drawn up by the opposition parties, which included anti-immigrant views.

According to a post on Andersson's facebook page, "The Environmental Party has now announced that they no longer want to join the government. Every party must be allowed to make their choice.

According to constitutional practice, a coalition government should resign if one party leaves the government. My opinion is that the equivalent must apply even when the parliament has elected a new prime minister, but the new government has not yet taken action," She added in the facebook post.

Currently in the Riksdag of Sweden, the Social Democrats hold 100 seats, and are propped up by 3 other parties and one independent.

The opposition coalition has 174 seats to the governing coalition of 175 seats.

Andersson had not met with the King of Sweden before announcing her intentions to stand down from the post, or met with the King after taking on the Prime Minister role

In the same facebook post, Anderssson stated, "I have now met the speaker and asked to be dismissed from the position as prime minister. I have also announced that I am still ready to become prime minister, but for a social democratic one-party government."

Prior to being appointed Prime Minsiter, Andersson served as Minister of Finance.


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