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The End of an Era: Pearce's Final Curtain Call

FCM President Scott Peace (Photo FCM Facebook)

To quote Frank Sinatra, "And now, the end is near."

By this time tomorrow, the Pearce era of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) will come to a close, and the Stewart reign will begin.

Sunday marks the official last day Scott Pearce, the Mayor of Gore, Quebec, will lead the FCM. The Quebec Mayor assumed this role in March 2023 when past president Taneen Rudyk resigned to run in the Alberta Provincial Election.

Municipal Affairs caught up with Pearce on the third day of the FCM Conference, and his last full day as President and he expressed his hopes for the future of municipal leadership across Canada, saying, “I hope that municipal folks all over Canada will continue to be proud of themselves because they deserve to be proud of the work they do.”

With annual convention is being championed as the largest gathering of Municipal leaders the FCM has even held, Pearce added that he's excited that it's the largest gathering of munciipal leaders but also happy as,"It's the largest Quebec delegation in the history of the FCM aswell." The four-day convention of municipal leaders being held in Calgary under Pearce's presidency was a significant event, featuring speeches from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Conservative Housing Critic Scott Aitchison, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, and Green Party Co-Leader Elizabeth May.

Pearce emphasized the importance of collaboration across all levels of government, stating, “If we want Canada's growth to be a success, we have to work together.” He further stressed the need for provincial involvement, adding, “We're going to work harder, even more so, to get the provincial people involved with us as well. I think if we're going to be successful as a country, all three orders of government need to work together.”

Pearce's dedication to fostering cooperation among federal, provincial, and municipal governments has been a hallmark of his leadership. As his time at the helm comes to an end, he hopes that the work to unite these crucial partners will continue for the betterment of Canada.

When asked about his plans after stepping down, Pearce humorously noted that his schedule remains busy, even in his hometown of Gore, Quebec. “I have a meeting on Wednesday with my local mayors,” he said. However, he is also looking forward to some well-deserved relaxation. “After that, I'm going to head up to my cottage for a couple weeks and chill out with my wife."

Pearce expressed confidence in his successor, Geoff Stewart of Colchester County, Nova Scotia. “Geoff is a great guy and will be a very hard worker. I’m looking forward to his presidency.”

Now as the sun sets on Pearce's presidency, his contributions to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities will undoubtably be remembered as one that fostered bridge building and working for a better Canada at a municipal level.

The transition to Stewart's leadership signifies not just the end of an era, but the beginning of a new chapter, filled with promise and continued efforts toward a stronger, more united Canada.


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