The Race for Ontario Begins Tomorrow

May the Fourth Be With all the Candidates tomorrow.

In just over 24 hours the campaign for Ontario begins May 4th, as Premier Doug Ford will meet with Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell to dissolve parliament and issue writs for 127 ridings in the province of Ontario.

Ford, under the motto "Let's Get It Done", is looking to secure a second majority mandate -first for a PC premier since 1999 when Mike Harrie won reelection.

Ford is said to be running on the tabled budget from April which was tabled and then the provincial parliament was dissolved.

In the budget, the Ford government outlined their vision for the province moving into a post-pandemic world.

Rebuilding the economy with better jobs and bigger paycheques; Building highways and key infrastructure, including finally building Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass; Working for workers by getting more people into the skilled trades; Keeping costs down by cutting the gas tax and scrapping licence plate sticker fees