Throne Speech Lays out new mandate for Trudeaus third term

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau laid out his plan for the upcoming parliament in the Speech from the Throne delivered Tuesday Afternoon in Ottawa.

In her first major speech to the Canadian Public, Mary Simon, the first Indigenous person to hold the title of Governor General delivered the speech to the Upper Chamber.

As the first Indigenous Governor General in Canada's History, Simon said that in her brief time she has seen the work that Canadians have done on Reconciliation, "Already, I have seen how Canadians are committed to reconciliation. Indigenous Peoples are reclaiming our history, stories, culture and language through action.

"Non-Indigenous peoples are coming to understand and accept the true impact of the past and the pain suffered by generations of Indigenous Peoples."

Mentioning the horrifying discovery of unmarked graces at former residential school, The speech outline a new creation of a national monument to honour the survivors and an appointment to ensure justice is had, "With the appointment of a Special Interlocutor to further advance justice on residential schools.

To support communities, the Government will also invest significantly in a distinctions-based mental health and wellness strategy, guide