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Throne Speech Lays out new mandate for Trudeaus third term

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau laid out his plan for the upcoming parliament in the Speech from the Throne delivered Tuesday Afternoon in Ottawa.

In her first major speech to the Canadian Public, Mary Simon, the first Indigenous person to hold the title of Governor General delivered the speech to the Upper Chamber.

As the first Indigenous Governor General in Canada's History, Simon said that in her brief time she has seen the work that Canadians have done on Reconciliation, "Already, I have seen how Canadians are committed to reconciliation. Indigenous Peoples are reclaiming our history, stories, culture and language through action.

"Non-Indigenous peoples are coming to understand and accept the true impact of the past and the pain suffered by generations of Indigenous Peoples."

Mentioning the horrifying discovery of unmarked graces at former residential school, The speech outline a new creation of a national monument to honour the survivors and an appointment to ensure justice is had, "With the appointment of a Special Interlocutor to further advance justice on residential schools.

To support communities, the Government will also invest significantly in a distinctions-based mental health and wellness strategy, guided by Indigenous Peoples, survivors, and their families.

Whether it is eliminating all remaining long-term drinking water advisories or implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Government is committed to closing the gaps that far too many First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities still face today."

With the flooding and recent wildfires in British Columbia, the speech introduced a new National Adaptation Strategy that will be introduced in the upcoming session, "To address the realities communities across the country already face, the Government will also strengthen action to prevent and prepare for floods, wildfires, droughts, coastline erosion, and other extreme weather worsened by climate change. The Government will be there to build back in communities devastated by these events."

The COVID pandemic is still top of mind for this government, Simons in the speech said that there is still more work to be done, "On accessibility. On care in rural communities. On delayed procedures. On mental health and addiction treatment. On long-term care."

Inflation is a challenge that countries around the world are facing. And while Canada’s economic performance is better than many of our partners, we must keep tackling the rising cost of living.

"To do that, the government's plan includes two major priorities — housing and child care."

The Trudeau Government will continue combatting hate and racism, including with a renewed Anti-Racism Strategy. the speech outline where the government would be focusing, "Fighting systemic racism, sexism, discrimination, misconduct, and abuse, including in our core institutions, will remain a key priority,

"This is the moment to rebuild for everyone. The Government will continue to invest in the empowerment of Black and racialize Canadians, and Indigenous Peoples. It will also continue to fight harmful content online, and stand up for LGBTQ2 communities while completing the ban on conversion therapy."

Bill 10 An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts which caused alot of headaches for the Liberals in the last parliament will re-introduced. "To support Canadian culture and creative industries, the Government will also reintroduce legislation to reform the Broadcasting Act and ensure web giants pay their fair share for the creation and promotion of Canadian content," the speech read.

With only 20 days until parliament recesses for the Christmas break, there is alot of work that the Liberals have said they will focus on in those 20 days.

"Parliamentarians, never before has so much depended on your ability to deliver results for Canadians. That is what people expect and need from you," Simon said during the speech.


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