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"Time To Get It Done": Ford Cruises to Second Majority in Ontario

Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives cruised to a second majority government in Ontario Thursday.

Ford said in his speech to party supporters, "Thank you for your trust and thank you for once again putting your confidence in me.

"It's a responsibility that I will never take lightly. But most importantly, thank you for sharing in the vision for our great province," Ford stated.

Ford won 83 seats on election night, which resulted in a net gain of 16 seats since the legislature dissolved in May.

Ford Nation picked up seats in York, Hamilton, Windsor, Timmins and Brampton at the gains of the Ontario NDP.

"If you're a miner in the north who's out of work, I want you to know we're building that road to the ring of fire. If you had to worry about your job at the local auto plant, I want you to know we're investing in the future of Ontario's auto sector. If you're a student who wants to work in the tech sector, we will have a job waiting for you," Ford Stated.

Ford goes back with the majority of his former cabinet in place, one notable absence will be former Health Minister Christine Elliot.

Reports during the night said that Ford will take some time swearing in his next cabinet and will return Queens Park to siting for a brief time before rising for the summer.


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