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Toews In, Sawhney looking: UCP Leadership Race Heats Up

The race to replace Jason Kenney is kicking off with a few announcements from cabinet ministers announcing that they would be seeking the leadership, or exploring the possibility of a leadership campaign.

Travis Toews, Alberta's Finance Minister registered with Elections Alberta on May 30th, and on the evening of May 31st announced that he was seeking the leadership.

In a brief statement posted to social media alongside a 2-minute video, Toews is quoted to say, "I am inspired by our movement, which is why I ran in 2019, and I believe that Albertans and our members can be inspired again. I’m running to lead our party back to the foundations that united us.

"It’s time to lay aside our differences to focus on our shared vision – a hopeful future for our children and grandchildren, on the foundation of a free and prosperous Alberta," He added.

Toews becomes the first cabinet minister to announce their intentions to seek the UCP leadership.

Sawhney Brings In Hired Guns

Minister of Transportation Rajan Sawhney announced via social media that she was hiring the Ken Boessenkool to look at the potential viability of a leadership campaign.

In a bried statement, Sawhney said, "I have engaged Ken Boessenkool to test the viability of a leadership campaign that can appeal to the diverse elements of our party and across our great province.

"I have asked him if we can deliver a viable campaign that isn’t just more of the same," She added.

Boessenkool is well known in political circles, having worked on leadership campaigns including; the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, the Hon. Jim Dinning, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark, and Patrick Brown.

Sawhney and Toews join a growing list of candidates who have expressed interest in seeking the leadership including former Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith, and current Fort McMurray Lac La Biche MLA Brian Jean.

Rules for the nomination are expected to be released later in June.


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