Toews Launches Bid To Succeed Kenney in Calgary

Alberta's former Finance Minister Travis Toews is in, and ready to unite the governing United Conservative Party prior to the 2023 general election.

The Grande Prairie Wapiti MLA announced his intentions to seek the leadership of the governing UCP at an event in Calgary stating that he is ready for the challenge of uniting the party ahead of the 2023 election, "There hasn't been a time in this generation when healing and unification were so necessary.

"Not only across our society but in the conservative movement in Alberta as well," Toews stated. "Our great conservative movement must focus on the values that unite us, instead of the issues that divide us," He added.

The leadership contender introduced his two campaign co-chairs that including caucus colleague the Hon. Sonya Savage and MP for Grande Prairie-Mackenzie Chris Warkentin - both of who were in attendance - with Savage giving the opening address at the campaign launch.

"While (Savage and Warkentin) both represent very different constituencies and peoples, both agree that our party and Albertans are stronger together. We share a vision for Alberta focused on responsible and steady leadership," Toews stated at the launch.

In the speech to supporters, Toews said that he was proud to serve as Finance minister and deliver the first balanced budget in Alberta in over ten years. He added, "We will no longer spend more than we make, we will no longer burden future generations with a debt that they did not incur."