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"Tomorrow..." Richmound Mayor Wants QANON Queen Gone

Queen Romana Didulo (Photo Facebook Page)

In a recent press conference, leaders from southwest Saskatchewan voiced their apprehensions about the presence of the self-proclaimed "queen of Canada," Romana Didulo, and her followers.

Brad Miller says that he wanted the group to pack up and move along, " I would just like to go like this," motioning washing his hands, and "She was gone tomorrow morning."

Safety concerns have been raised, prompting a coordinated rally organized by worried citizens of Richmound, Saskatchewan.

Fox Valley Mayor Sean Checkley who was at the press conference alongside Miller, MLA Doug Steele, and Town of Leader Mayor Aaron Wenzel, said that the communities around Richmond are on high alert, "They're anxious because of what's happening here."

Checkley said that there have been some local issues in his community spawning from the ongoing situation in Richmound, "There have been some situations that were brought to the leadership of the communities in the surrounding areas." He added, "We have direct communication with the leader RCMP detachment as well who's been there supporting all the communities."

According to reports, Romana Didulo and her supporters have been residing on a privately-owned former school property in Richmound ever since they were compelled to leave Kamsack, Saskatchewan on September 13.

Wenzel said that members of his community were in attendance for Saturdays rally to force Didulo out of the community was a show of solidarity with the people of Richmound, "This could have been just as easily leader or any community in the area.

The situation has drawn attention, particularly as Didulo has garnered notoriety in the eyes of the U.S.-based Anti-Defamation League, which has labeled her as a "Canadian QAnon figure."

The organization's description of Didulo includes allegations of advocating for "violent action" against those involved in administering COVID-19 vaccines to children.

Miller said that he wants both the province and federal government to be more active in the ongoing situation in the Saskatchewan Village, "We'd like the provincial and the federal government, especially federal government to pick up and get in line and let's start working on this with our lawyers."

Cypress Hill MLA Doug Steele said that the ongoing issue in the community has caused some people to move on and look elsewhere to settle down, "There was one sale pending here for from a senior that was going to go to a community with more services. And all of a sudden, the folks that were going to buy it, were wondering what was happening here."

Steele said that one way or another this issue has to be resolved, hopefully peacefully, "If this can transition, move on, or become part of the community one way or another peacefully and properly. I think that's all the community's asking for."

Authorities have yet to make any official statement regarding the ongoing situation, but the growing unease within the community has prompted a sense of urgency in addressing the matter at hand. As developments continue to unfold, residents are hopeful for a swift and amicable resolution that prioritizes the safety and peace of their community.


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