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Unity, Hope, and the Future: Leslyn Lewis brings Campaign to Calgary

Leslyn Lewis , candidate for Conservative Party of Canada leader. Photo: Christopher Brown

With the Leadership Race for the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada in full swing, Dr. Leslyn Lewis made a pit stop in Calgary Wednesday and Thursday Night.

Speaking to party faithful in SouthWest Calgary, Lewis pitched her message of Unity, Hope and the future of the Conservative Party under a Lewis's Leadership.

Lewis who is the Member of Parliament for the riding of Haldimand-Norfolk, put it plainly

when asked how a Lewis Conservative Party would win the next election, even if Andrew Scheer and Erin O'Toole couldn't. "Let's put it honestly," she stated. "We did not make any inroads in Ontario, and (the Conservatives) need to make inroads into large urban centres."

Calgarians came from all over the city to hear the CPC leadership Candidate speak. Photo Credit: Christopher W. Brown

She continued to say that the one voting group the Conservatives need to win over in the next election is new Canadians, "What our Conservative Party has not done well is that they have not recognized that the people who immigrate to this country are usually are the Crème de la crème of their country."

Lewis immigrated to Canada at age five with her family from Jamaica.

New Canadians come here for a better life, Lewis stated, "Guess what they are inherently Conservatives. They have conservative values, they have faith values, they have family values, and they are fiscally conservative.

" What (the Conservative Party of Canada) needs to do is reach out to those communities in large urban and show them that they have a place in our party," Lewis stated. She added that her background gives her the unique position of being able to reach those communities.

Lewis spent Wednesday and Thursday meeting with Calgarians and Area Conservatives and residents.

Both events drew large crowds, with Thursday night having well over 150 people in attendance at the South Holiday Inn in Calgary. During the two-hour event, Lewis took questions from the audience, ranging from Medical Assistance in Dying, Carbon Tax, the use of the Emergencies Act, and government overreach.

Lewis said throughout the event that she would be back in Calgary, and Alberta, as it was one of the provinces to help her win the popular vote during the 2020 Conservative Leadership Race.

The Conservative Party of Canada will elect a new leader in September after former Leader Erin O'Toole was forced out with the Clarity Act in early February.


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