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Vegreville, It's More Than Just an Egg

In the heart of Alberta lies a hidden gem that often gets overshadowed by its claim to fame: the world's largest Pysanka, or Ukrainian Easter egg.

Vegreville, with its population of over 5,700 residents, may seem like just a pit stop on the highway to Edmonton for some, but for those who take the time to explore, it offers a warm and inviting embrace that speaks volumes about the spirit of rural Alberta communities.

The Famous Vegreville Pysanka

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Vegreville as part of my mission to tour 600 communities in 2024. My journey led me to reconnect with Taneen Rudyk, Vegreville's esteemed councillor and former president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. As I ventured through this quaint town, it became evident that there was more to Vegreville than meets the eye.

Upon arriving on a chilly Sunday morning, I was greeted by a sense of tranquillity as the community slowly awoke from its festivities the night before, celebrating its Ukrainian heritage. Yet, even in its sleepy state, Vegreville exuded a charm that captivated me from the moment I stepped foot in the town square.

What struck me most during my visit was the genuine warmth of the people. Whether it was locals walking their dogs or simply taking a stroll, each person I encountered took the time to welcome me with open arms and a friendly, "Hello!".

In Vegreville, hospitality isn't just a nicety; it's a way of life—a testament to the tight-knit community that thrives here.

Taneen Rudyk, Vegreville Councillor

Accompanied by Councillor Rudyk, I embarked on a whirlwind tour of Vegreville, traversing its bustling downtown core adorned with art and community projects. We ventured westward, where the gleaming new RCMP station stood as a symbol of progress and growth. It was clear that the town's leadership had a vision for the future—one that prioritized sustainable development and long-term prosperity.

As we explored the eastern reaches of Vegreville, I was struck by the sight of a burgeoning business park, poised for expansion. Despite facing challenges such as the relocation of a major government facility, the community remained resilient, forging ahead with determination and resilience.

Vegreville serves as a shining example of resilience in the face of adversity. Despite setbacks, this community has embraced change and charted a course toward a brighter future. It's a reminder that even when the odds are stacked against you, with determination and a strong sense of community, anything is possible.

So, to those passing through Vegreville, I urge you to do more than just crack the egg. Take the time to explore the heart and soul of this remarkable community. For Vegreville is more than just a tourist attraction—it's a testament to the enduring spirit of rural Alberta, where warmth and hospitality await those willing to venture beyond the beaten path.


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