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Village of Alberta Beach Mayor Announces Resignation

Mayor Angela Duncan, Alberta Beach (Photo Facebook)

First elected in 2013, Angela Duncan the Mayor of the Village of Alberta Beach announced her resignation from council on Monday, June 26th, 2023.

Duncan revealed her intention to transition from elected office to a new role at WildWillow Enterprises, which she shared through a Facebook post. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to serve the Village over the past decade, Duncan conveyed her pride in the accomplishments achieved during her tenure. She thanked the community for placing their trust in her and expressed confidence in the village's continued prosperity in the years to come.

She added, "I encourage everyone who is interested and has the time to consider running for municipal office. It is a fulfilling way to give back and serve your community."

Duncan initially assumed the mayoral position of the small village located 60 km west of Edmonton following the 2021 Municipal election. Before becoming mayor, she had served as Deputy Mayor and Councillor within the village.

Approximately two years ago, when Duncan held the position of Deputy Mayor, she participated in an exclusive interview with Cross Border Interviews. During the conversation, she discussed her commitment to serving the community of Alberta Beach, underscoring the significance of her role.

Duncan has served on the Alberta Municipalities Board of Directors for the past six years. Cathy Heron, the President of Alberta Municipalities, acknowledged Duncan's integrity and commendable contributions to the board through a tweet. Heron highlighted Duncan's out-of-the-box thinking and robust advocacy for smaller municipalities in Alberta. She expressed well wishes for Duncan in her new endeavor, emphasizing that her new position would continue to involve serving municipalities.

"Her new role will keep her serving municipalities and we wish her all the best," Heron added.

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