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Vol. 2 Ep. 13 Theresa Sokyrka

Theresa Sokyrka's decision to become rootless has been the prime factor in her recent music. After making it to the final episode of her season of Canadian Idol and recording a successful album of standards, Theresa’s put out a second album: Something is Expected, consisting entirely of original music. Dodging the pop star route that seemed to be laid out for her, the 2007 release showed that Theresa’s years away from her hometown of Saskatoon had formed her sound into a mature, reflective songwriting style, equal parts classic and innovative. She enlisted the help of producers John Collins (New Pornographers, The Evaporators), David Carswell (The Evaporators) and Mike Timmins (The Cowboy Junkies) to provide the musical backdrop that would allow her songs to come through. Rich, pure, sometimes angry, but often sweetly humourous, Something is Expected did fulfill expectations, and allowed Theresa to move on with both her life and her music.

That meant moving. Lots of moving. For the past ten years, Theresa has been criss-crossing Canada, never staying in one place for long. In fact, the only constant has been songwriting and performance. "Sometimes I feel that the only reason I move around so much is because I'm afraid that getting comfortable would create a monumental writer's block,” she says. “I've always been someone who craves excitement. And there's nothing more exciting than moving to a new Canadian city. I think Montreal might have me by the short and curlies for a while, but Halifax may be the next city to conquer.”

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