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Vol. 2 Ep. 26 Marc Cushman

Marc Cushman was born in San Diego, but grew up on the road with a traveling father, making pit-stops in San Francisco, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington, before finally landing in Los Angeles. Five years spent living on a dairy farm outside Tillamook, Oregon, fostered a knack for entertaining himself through writing. He has since entertained himself - and worked - in television and film for 30 years.

Marc's television writing assignments include scripts for Star Trek: The Next Generation, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, and Diagnosis Murder. His Film credits include Midnight Confessions, Taressa's Tattoo, and The Magic of Christmas. As a writer/producer, Marc created and served as show runner for two TV series: the cult comedy Channel K and its spin-off, the original Bachelor Pad (not to be confused with the current ABC series of the same name).

Directing credits include the award winning comedy- documentary Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney, An Evening With The Gold-diggers, The Story Of O: Untold Pleasures, and a pair of recent TV pilots. There have also been numerous instructional films, music videos, and infomercials. This experience has enabled Marc to appreciate writing within the constraints of shooting schedules and budgets. Marc has shared his knowledge as a teacher of screen writing at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California.

Marc wrote I Spy: A History Of The Ground-breaking Television Series "a biography of a TV show", the three-volume, 1,500 page, definitive history of Star Trek, These Are The Voyages, TOS, for which he was honored to receive a Saturn Award for Special Achievements in 2014. In August 2016, Jacobs Brown Press released Irwin Allen's Lost in Space: The Authorized Biography of a Classic Sci-Fi Series Volume One, Volume Two and Volume Three.

He will continue his documentation of the evolution of Star Trek, through the 1970s, with the Animated Series and into the movies and onto Star Trek: Next Generation.

He was interviewed for, and been prominently featured in the History Channel's two hour documentary, "50 Years of Star Trek" which aired on August 14, 2016. Marc has not only been seen on the History Channel, but also Access Hollywood, Fox News, CBS Special Projects, and heard on Coast to Coast with George Noory.

Marc served as President of the Los Angeles based Alameda Writers Group for five terms, spanning 15 years of the AWG's history.

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