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Vol. 2 Ep. 37 Dan Harris

Dan Harris was elected as the Member of Parliament representing the riding of Scarborough Southwest on May 2nd, 2011.

Dan has been a community and political activist for sixteen years. He has been a strong advocate and voice for affordable housing, social justice, and economic reform. Dan has also worked in voicing the need for a National Daycare Program in Canada, after experiencing that need first-hand when he worked at Not Your Average Daycare in Scarborough. Dan has been a longstanding member of the New Democratic Party of Canada; helping with over twenty campaigns, working on the Ontario NDP Executive from 2002 to 2004, and helping to craft dozens of resolutions to provincial and federal policy conventions.

Dan grew up in the East end of Toronto – where his family has resided for over eighty years. Dan’s family has been active in their support behind noted local New Democrats Stephen Lewis, John Harney, Richard Johnston, and Anne Swarbrick.

Dan has been a vibrant face in Scarborough Southwest – as a player, coach, sponsor and member of the executive of the Birchmount Baseball league since 1994.

Dan was honoured when he was named the Deputy Critic for Science and Technology in the Official Opposition Party’s Shadow Cabinet.

Under the new leadership of Thomas Mulcair, Dan was named the Deputy Critic for Industry in April, 2012.

In August 2013, Dan was named Critic for Post-Secondary Education.

Dan has worked in the Information and Technology industry for over ten years, for prominent companies such as Web Networks, the Make a Wish Foundation, the Ontario NDP, and most recently for Unified Systems Group.

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