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Vol. 2 Ep. 48 Okotoks Town Councillor Tanya Thorn

Tanya was first elected as a Councillor with the Town of Okotoks in 2013. She attributes her family’s strong interest and involvement in politics growing up for instilling in her the desire to be involved in the shaping of her community.

Tanya has a strong belief in the power of community. It has been a central factor in her personal life and her political career. Being involved in Municipal Government has allowed her the opportunity to directly influence the quality of life for her family, friends and neighbors. In her opinion, it is the most responsive and impactful level of government to be involved with.

Tanya has lived and worked in Okotoks for 30 years. And her love for her community has been proven in her commitments to the Alberta Water Council, Sheep River Health Trust and working hard as Director, Towns South on the board of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association. While she is always working in the best interests of Okotoks, Tanya understands that what benefits her home community can also benefit others across Alberta.

Tanya’s reputation for problem-solving was developed in her years in the IT industry. She seeks out the optimal solutions to complex community issues and forges forward to enact change that will help Okotoks thrive now and well into the future. It’s something she does for her daughter and for the people who look to her for grounded, reasoned solutions that will help build a stronger community.

As a graduate of the University of Calgary’s Political Science program, she has been very effective in navigating changes in provincial government and shepherding important issues such as water resource concerns, economic development, and creating more transparency and open dialogue in government.

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