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Vol. 2 Ep. 50 Vegreville Councillor Taneen Rudyk

Councillor Rudyk was first elected to Vegreville Council in 2010 and is currently serving her third term.

During her time on Council, Taneen has been committed to achieving community resilience while working to strengthen regional networks.

Originally raised in the area, Taneen returned to Vegreville to raise a growing family with her husband Andrew.

They have four children who have been active in music, church and school activities ranging from bell choir and piano lessons to school sports, as well as ballet and Ukrainian dancing.

Taneen loves to travel and give back to her community by helping with events like Relay for Life or groups sponsoring refugee families or hosting exchange students.

After completing a degree in Political Science, Taneen has worked for the provincial and federal government in a variety of roles from counselling high needs teens to issuing work permits and study visas to training election workers. She ran a successful sales business, while simultaneously supporting her husband’s business ventures in pipeline welding and sustainable water and waste solutions.

During her first term, Taneen completed the Elected Officials Education Program and during the following term was selected as Director Towns East on the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Board of Directors. In her third term, Taneen was elected the Alberta representative on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) board. Whether as FCM Vice President at Large, or as a Committee Chair or Governance Representative, she has embraced the responsibility of representing Alberta on the FCM board ensuring rural Canadians are heard on a larger stage.

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