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Vol. 2 Ep. 55 Demi Michelle Schwartz

Demi Michelle Schwartz is a pop and country songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From a young age, she has surrounded herself with music, playing piano, singing her favorite songs, and going to as many concerts as possible.

While in college, she discovered her passion for songwriting and decided to turn her experiences into lyrics. The thought of writing a new song is always in her mind, and she can’t resist typing lyrics into her phone and recording melody ideas when she’s inspired. Her songs hold an authenticity that shows who she is, staying true to herself as a songwriter.

Her debut single, “Into Focus,” captures the honesty she aims to achieve and sets the stage for her upcoming music. Demi has finished recording her debut album at The Vault Recording Studio. The album is expected to release in the summer of 2021. In the meantime, Demi is working on her next project. She plays an active role in the production process, so all of her songs come to life in the way that she envisions them.

Demi loves co-writing with other songwriters and artists. To her, there’s something magical about creating a song with another talented musician. These experiences allow Demi to continue to grow as a songwriter. She enjoys connecting with others through music and bonding with songwriters who share her passion.

Songwriting allows Demi to express her emotions and share her story in ways words alone can’t. She olds music close to her heart and thinks of each of her songs as a piece of her life to share with the world.

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