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Vol. 2 Ep. 58 Jacquie Fenske

Jacquie Fenske is passionate about bringing people together to build friendships and talk about big ideas. That’s why she is excited to be the new Acting Leader of the Alberta Party.

Of course, Jacquie isn’t just a fantastic hostess. She is also an entrepreneur, educator, and experienced leader.

As a teacher, Jacquie spent over a decade creating great classrooms for junior and senior high students. Then her attention shifted to serving all ages as she entered civic politics. Jacquie spent over 13 years on Strathcona County Council before being elected an MLA for her riding.

Today, Jacquie is an active manager of Fifendekel Pie Shops Cafes in Edmonton. She’s also serves as the chair for Elk Island Community Futures and a board member with the Silver Skate festival.

Her life has been dedicated to building vibrant communities. And she’s found success due to her abilities to mentor and motivate while drawing people together.

Jacquie’s got what it takes to build the Alberta Party and give voice to the 172,000 Albertans who voted for us last election. She’s going to bring energy and experience to this role. Our only concern: she won’t have nearly as much time to make that great pie.

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